Social Ads

Want instant brand awareness among your ideal customer base?

Using the enormous reach of social media platforms combined with the ability to target your advertising to ONLY your ideal customer can only be done via paid social media advertising.

Ad Demographics & Avatar Creation

Who is your product or service built for?

Using filters, settings, and other criteria to narrow down your audience, we can hyper-target so that every dollar you spend is spent wisely.

Choose Your Platform

Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, YouTube, TikTok & Twitter

Each platform offers huge advantages. New product? Try Instagram. Want mass awareness? Facebook is for you. Have a B2B service? Hello LinkedIn.

Ad Content Creation

Videos on social are viewed 80 times more than non-videos.

Our team will do it all. From video concept, filming, post-production to launch, we've got you covered.

  1. Concept
  2. Filming
  3. Post Production
  4. Launch

Ad Optimization and Retargeting

The power of ads are reaching the exact audience that is likely to buy from you. We'll make sure you stand out!

For B2C products & services, Facebook and Instagram are incredible platforms. We'll run your video ad on either, or both, based on your industry.

Reporting and Transparency

Running an ad is only the first step. Having your message viewed multiple times, at the right time, is where the magic happens.

Once your ads start running, we'll constantly monitor their performance and begin optimizing and retargeting for maximum impact.

We are a nationally known and awarded agency, recongnized for our unique video and social media projects. We hope yours will be our next.

American Advertising Award

Austin Jenkins

Charlie Foster's

"Rocket City Digital made my vision a reality. We wanted to open a speciality coffee shop with a unique vibe and employ people with special needs. We ask our customers how they heard about us and the most common answer is they follow our social media!"

2 Million

Video views of all videos before the grand opening of Charlie Foster's


Video views on Facebook and 80,000 more views on Instragram announcing the grand opening of Charlie Foster's

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