Custom MODX Extras & Plugins

PUBLISHED: Nov 29, 2021
AUTHOR: Wayne Roddy

It's Monday morning and we are back from the Holidays with a bunch of new updates for custom website content management. In the last few weeks we have been working with MODX to test the new Beta release along with other 3rd party plugins ("extras" in MODX terms).


Rocket City Digital is proudly announcing our own MODX Extras.

Image Gallery Manager

First, we have an Image Gallery Manager for MODX where you can create multiple gallery sets, preview, and sort the images within a set. There is a chunk for the Sets and for the individual images that comes with a bootstrap column class structure by default.
This Extra is free to the public.

Review Manager

Our next Extra is a Review Manager for MODX for customers to rate (based on 5 stars) and leave a review on content, products, etc. All reviews are saved unpublished in the manager until you approve them. The intake form is done via the extremely popular FormIt Extra as a "hook" so it's very flexible on the frontend. You can stack it with other hooks like ReCaptcha, Redirect, Email etc.
This Extra is free to the public.

Pixel Manager

As much as we try to limit the number of pixels or Javascript embeds we use on a website, they are very useful for customer lead tracking. That is why we created this Pixel Manager for MODX that allows you to set a status, choose a location to render, and keep your pixels organized.
This Extra is free to the public.

Constant Contact V3 Hook

If you are using MODX and a Constant Contact form embed than we have a premium Extra for you. Get rid of the technical bloat and asset loading that is damaging your SEO and website performance. Our custom FormIt Hook will send form data to Constant Contact via the V3 API. You can also add a "Join our Newsletter" checkbox to any FormIt form already created.
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Rocket City Launchpad

Coming Soon
This "Launchpad" Extra has all the settings you typically turn on in a fresh MODX install.
Easily configure...

  • Create a 404 page
  • Create a Sitemap page
  • Friendly URLs on
  • Add our custom Snippet for form Spammer supression
  • Create chunks for "meta", "header", "footer"
  • Add SMTP details for Sparkpost/Mailgun etc

Just a few examples of an Extra that will be a must have for every MODX developer.

If you are looking to switch from Wordpress or you need a custom MODX developer, connect with us today. Our team has over a decade of MODX experience and these new Extras are just a small sample of how we can help your business become effective online.

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